published over eighty years ago, Alexander Hislop reveals that many Roman Catholic teachings did not originate with Christ or the Bible, but were adopted from. As Duas Babilônias por Alexander Hislop. Previsão de lançamento para o primeiro semestre de · Image may contain . The Two Babylons or The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife By the Late Rev. Alexander Hislop.

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We think it must be painful to any Christian mind, and repugnant to Christian feeling, to look at this figure. These Mysteries were long shrouded in darkness, but now the thick bahilonias begins to pass away.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Clementine literature made the association in the 4th Century AD.

The Two Babylons – Wikipedia

The partisans of the Papacy were not a little disconcerted by this discovery; but they tried to put the best face on the matter they could. What think they now of their vaunted orders as derived from Peter of Rome?

Now, what say the worshippers of the apostolic succession to all this? Whatever important business was in hand, whatever deity was to be invoked, an invocation first of all must be addressed to Hiskop, who was recognised as the “God of gods,” in whose mysterious divinity the characters of father and son were combined, and without that no aalexander could be heard–the “door of heaven” could not be opened.

On this policy it is evident he acted. Without the article Roe, a “shepherd,” is manifestly the original of the Hsilop Roi, a king, whence the adjective royal; and from Ro, which signifies to “act the shepherd,” which is frequently pronounced Reg– with Shwhich signifies “He who is,” or “who does,” affixed –comes Regah, “He who acts the shepherd,” whence the Latin Rex, and Regal. The Babilonisa of Cardinals, with the Pope at its head, is just the counterpart of the Pagan College of Pontiffswith its “Pontifex Maximus,” or “Sovereign Pontiff,” which had existed in Rome from the earliest times, and which is known to have been framed on the model of the alexabder original Council of Pontiffs at Babylon.


From this, he derives the argument that the mystery religions of Late Antiquity were actually offshoots of one ancient religion founded at the Tower of Babel. Bbabilonias this the answer is, Far otherwise. Alexander was born and raised in DunsBerwickshire. Hermes Trismegistus seems to have been regarded as a new incarnation of Thoth, and possessed of higher honours.

Peter’s chair must also go along with them. But there is another symbol of the Pope’s power which must not be overlooked, and that is the pontifical crosier.

The Two Babylons: Table of Contents

The title seems to have been common to all Pontiffs. Peter’s, or any of the churches of Rome. There has been a great deal of unsatisfactory speculation in regard to the meaning of this name, but when the different statements in regard to Brahm are carefully considered, it becomes evident that the name Brahm is just the Hebrew Rahm, with the digamma prefixed, which is very frequent in Sanscrit words derived from Hebrew or Chaldee.

But while it was cleaning, in alexanded to set it up in some conspicuous place of the Vatican, the twelve labours of Hercules unluckily appeared on it!

Alexander Hislop

This is the case among the Negroes of Africawhose god, called the Feticheis represented in the form of a crosier, as is evident from the following words of Hurd: But how little weight is in this, may be seen from the fact that it is this very term “Achad,” and that without the article, that is used in Deuteronomy, when the Unity of the Godhead is asserted in the most emphatic manner, “Hear, O Israel, Jehovah our God is one Jehovah,” i.

I have said that the Pope became the representative of Janus, who, it is evident, was none other than the Babylonian Messiah. The gaping jaws of the fish surmounting the head of the man at Nineveh are the unmistakable counterpart of the horns of the Pope’s mitre at Rome.


It was when Cyrus had entered Babylon that the Persians, for the first time, testified their homage to him by adoration; for, “before this,” says Xenophon Cyropoed”none of the Persians had given adoration to Cyrus.

He was for a time parish schoolmaster of Wick, Caithness. The nature babilonia the case, and the history of the Mysteries, alike show that this book could be none other than the “Book Pet-Roma”; that is, the “Book of the Grand Interpreter,” in other words, of Hermes Trismegistus, the great “Interpreter of the Gods. In Hebrew, or the Chaldee of the days of Abraham, “Nimrod the Shepherd,” is just Nimrod “He-Roe”; and from this title of the ” mighty hunter before the Lord ,” have no doubt been derived, both the name of Hero itself, and all that Hero-worship which has since overspread the world.

In the unity of that one Only God of the Babylonians, there were three persons, and to symbolise that doctrine of the Trinity, they employed, as the discoveries of Layard prove, the equilateral triangle, just as it is well known the Romish Church does at this day.

Retrieved 2 June This gave his work an appearance of being well-researched at the time of its publication. The guns babolonias the soldiers rung on the stone pavement of the house of God, as, at the bidding of their officer, they grounded, shouldered, and presented arms. In Assyria, they invented an eponymous founder of Nineveh named Ninus, who supposedly ruled 52 years over an empire comparable to the Persian Empire at its greatest extent.

Petersburg, and given in Parson’s “Japhet.