The latest incarnation of Drumagog allows you to augment a real acoustic removing the need for further manual adjustment, even where samples have not . 2 user reviews on Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 4. The manual for the software is pretty helpful, but I didn’t need it all that much while. All user reviews for the Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 5 the morph engine is awesome but when it comes to manual changing things they way you want them .

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After purchase, Drumavog downloaded from the site. So all I have to do is load them u in Drumagog and it will give you a whole new snare really fast. While I’d definitely say that this is easier with some music than others, the fact is that so much music nowadays has relatively simple parts and the snare samples can be replaced easily, as can toms and kick drums, even cymbals.

As bad as parts of my drummer’s kit sound, I wish I’d known about drumagog years ago. The simple replacing of waveforms make this really easy.

Depends on your questions, there’s already a few posts here about drumagog in Auria, maybe you’ll find answers, but I guess you could ask here, for the benefit of the community. Can anyone direct me to a source for drumagog in Auria information besides the Auria guide and Lynda. The updated Drumagog manual is laid out clearly, and after checking out the New User Tutorial, I was up ,anual running in a flash.

Not satisfied with those reviews? Did you find this review helpful?

It allows you to access the entire iPad’s file system to copy files back and forth. The plug-in can be run on or bit systems and requires 6 GB of available hard-drive space for installing the included samples. It is part of my manyal process not to throw my drumago in this plug-in jus to see what cool things it can do with it. The manual for the software is pretty helpful, but I didn’t need it all that much while playing around with it as the typical functions are easy to find.


One thing that is different from the other versions of Drumagog is that the morph engine is great; you can change the sound of everything really fast. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

Drumagog can also be used for sending and receiving Drumagogg notes to and from outboard equipment and virtual plug-in instruments.

Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 5 | Modern Drummer Magazine

Request a new review. While this largely depends on the type of system that you are running, I imagine that most users will be able to run this software effectively if they have a decent enough configuration.

I suggest a free program called iFunBox.

Not satisfied with those reviews? I recall having sample running on a variety of drums at a time without any problems at all. Drumagog Auria edition doesn’t allow manuxl to rearrange samples within a gog file, but you can mute and solo individual samples within the gog by pressing the mute button inside Drumagog.

User reviews: Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 5 – Audiofanzine

File Browser The included Gog samples are easily accessible using this new window. No registered users and 1 guest. This software is expensive, so I’d say only purchase if a you own a professional studio or b you record a lot of acoustic drums, and wish to be able to switch mmanual and forth between acoustic and samples.

Departing not easy to understand a problem user manual in English drumaggo to use and especially how easily installed on a slice of mix, but in testing, ultimately there is no magic. Sort by most deumagog most useful. The amount of samples of different songs are great, in fact they have such a wide variety that I feel there is something to use for everybody.

Did you find this review helpful? By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. While it does come with some samples, it is a good idea to get some more as I’m not the biggest fan of the samples that come with the program. This strengthens the drum mix, make very large dynamic on the kick and snare, tom have much impact with, or even replace the complete unit in the mix of the battery, just awesome everything becomes flexible.


I initially bought drimagog basic version, but I quickly opted for the pro version.

Auria Discussion Board

The included Gog samples are easily accessible using this new window. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

While it might take a little while to load, it’s never more than 5 seconds or so. Samples ranging from Motown to Led Zeppelin to others give you quite a variety. If I mute a sample or two, will drumagog Auria just pick another sample to trigger?

I’ve never used drumagog before, nor have I used any kind of drum replacement software, so I am probably going to have a lot more questions before I really get the hang of it. So I do not use it for programming drum beat, but to convert eg a snare signals noon and where there is great is that it takes into account the velocity of the impactor and the volume after adjustment by the user of the conversion sensitivity.

Opening up Kontakt right inside of it is quick and easy and put all of my favorite sounds right at my finger tips inside Drumagog 5.

As always I find these apps a bit expensive, but I am so dche Are there some specific questions you had? The functions of drumagog are really easy once you have them figured out. I was srumagog the process of typing a clarification on stereo files and you were already answering my questions. Here, On the main Drumagog forum, at Lynda.

When it comes to the software itself, Drumagog makes that process remarkably simple.