28°C (January/February). Situated at a latitude of 22°54(S, and lon- gitude of 9 Lei No , 22 de dezembro de , Segu- rança e Medicina do Trabalho. Lei No , 22 de dezembro de , Segurança e Medicina do Trabalho, Ministério do Trabalho, ed São Paulo, Editora Atlas, Lei n.° , de 22 de dezembro de NR p. 61 ed. São Paulo, Brazil: Atlas; 5. WHO World Health Organization. Guidelines.

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In the distribution of the audiometric results, In this context, the ER deserves attention because nowadays it contains various hospital medical equipment, a large team of professionals, accident victims and their families, and rescue vehicles, thereby increasing the ambient noise.

Imaging exam room tomography; X-ray Morning When workers are exposed to noise above 85 dB Ait is known that they may develop hearing loss, and the use of earpiece is an ds preventive measure 23 Regarding symptoms and complaints reported by the workers Table 1which can be consequential to occupational noise exposure, it was verified tiredness, stress, irritability, headache, depression, concentration difficulties, stomachache, among others.

The meter was properly calibrated before the tests. Documental laundry analysis was carried out Medical Control and Occupational Health Program and Environmental Risk Prevention Programnoise measurement, anamnesis-applied hearing evaluation, tonal threshold audiometry, acoustic immittance, and transient otoacoustic emission testing. Rev Bras Otorrinolaringol Engl Ed ; 73 2: The authors reported the highest level was in the ER and concluded that the human factor is a major source of noise pollution.

Prolonged environmental noise exposure above safe levels along with recklessness in the use of earpiece, was enough to cause hearing damage suggesting NIHL in In the analysis of the kinds of hearing loss, neurosensory hearing loss prevailed. However, we measured the background noise and the highest Lmin occurred in the ALS These findings suggest that laundry workers may develop neurosensory hearing loss, possibly related to the exposure of high sound pressure levels.


Leei corridor Morning Noise exposures may bring about serious functional disorders to the organism. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. These findings match literature data where TrOAES can verify the impairment degree of the outer hair cells in noise-exposed individuals even if Threshold Tonal Audiometry has not yet detected evident disorders Accessed September 23, J Acoust Soc Am.

Tinnitus was reported by Table 1 ER noise levels at different periods of the day. Also, the author reported that reducing the level of ambient noise can improve patient care, reduce stress, and increase employee job satisfaction.

Prevailed age group in the studied population ranged from 40 to 49 years old which featured In relation to the Medical Control and Occupational Health Program, in the document of the outsourced company, it was mentioned occupational noise risk and recommended yearly audiometric exam to all employees.

Suture room Morning In the Medical Control and Occupational Health Program, there is reference for occupational noise risk only in the clean laundry area. In all sectors, the Leq in the afternoon was higher, ranging from Support Center Support Center. The inspection of the outer acoustic meatus was performed before audiological testing. Few studies analyze the noise in ERs.

The noise of the helicopter was dBA, running for 20 minutes on the landing pad.

Noise effects on hospital laundry workers? hearing

How to cite this article. Among the equipment, the cast saw had the highest measurements The test of otoacoustic emissions showed no transient responses in 13 subjects with no emissions in some ears. The environment of the ER does not have a certain time of increased noise due to several activities that happen according to the demand of the moment. By calculating the Prevalence Ratio among these data, it was verified that for pei right ear, workers presenting altered audiograms had 9.


Therefore, this Norm recommends that the equivalent sound pressure level Leq not exceed 35 A-weighted decibel scale dBA in rooms where patients are 222 and observed. Accessed September 28, The authors verified that Please review our privacy policy.

Perfil auditivo de trabalhadores de um entreposto de carnes. The steps followed a sequence, with a 2- minute, second evaluation at each site. Rev da Soc Bras de Fonoaudiologl. In Table 2the Leq value for the helicopter arrival corresponds to a high risk for hearing professionals who are not properly using protective equipment.

A study in four emergency units in Phoenix, Arizona, found in hospital A the lowest noise intensity of The author concluded that these levels are sufficient to cause deleterious psychological and secondary physical effects to the team members.

Ambient Noise in Emergency Rooms and Its Health Hazards

AC, air conditioner; Leq, average equivalent level; dBA, compensated for on the A-weighted decibel scale. Results Table 1 shows the noise levels in the ER. Radio on; AC on; edzembro patient sleeping without respirator; 2 workers.