Download and print your own rifle zeroing and practice targets for free! Ground Zero Precision 25 Meter Zeroing Target – M16A2 Version (Free PDF Download). I printed off a fuck load of m4 carbine and m16 zeroing targets on standard printer paper and the target box itself came out correctly sized. M16A2 25 25 Meter Zeroing Target Official Military Target /4″ x /2″Â Tag Target Paper Box of

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All times are GMT You might think of it this way, if you learn with iron sights you can shoot anything later. SE New Mexico Posts: Originally Posted by nvshooter I have never had any faith in open sights, either for hunting-type rifles or for AR-type rifles. Last edited by Humpy; at If you learn with scope you are going to stay with it. Share Share this post on Digg Del. We had to qualify at meters with the M16 in the Sea Bee’s. BB code is On.

The receiver or Targeet sight is not really an “Open” sight. The scope is useful in failing light but the eventually it is too dark to shoot with either sight.

m1a2 William Iorg Beartooth Regular. For many the joy in hunting is getting close and then a little closer. I do know the answer for the question: Originally Posted by ma.


Originally Posted by rojkoh. I say its hunting luck.

25 Meter Zeroing Target M16a2

Two touching and three flyers is not a quarter inch group. It’s one of those things like a flinch that just happens naturally.

The rest are just games. Scored 99 zerp times with peep sight. Some where I may still have a M16 training manual from my military days. AtI’m about 1. It’s “practice,” just as the answer for “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?

M16A2 25m ZEROING TARGET – Shooters Forum

Aiken, South Carolina Posts: Last edited by Tomanyguns; at Thanks for the links! The time now is Add Thread to del. Simply focus on the front sight, place it where you want it and squeeze the trigger. Originally Posted by M4M.

I have never had any faith in open sights, either for m16q2 rifles or for AR-type rifles. PeteD, why did you stop at 10 rounds? Page 1 of 2. Originally Posted zeo JBelk. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I’ve been on ranges where tens of thousands of new trainees learned to shoot, most had never picked up a rifle, but the post goes in the center from the first shot.

Several years ago I spoke with some varmint hunters in the field with. I have seen posts on this forum where “I couldn’t get any closer” justified the need for larger, more powerful optics and the long shot. I sero not anti-scope, I have scopes on many of my lever action rifles.


Gents; Here are a few links to assist Originally Posted by Purist Agreed. We shouldn’t zerl a special target if we know how far we move the point of impact per click. Started shooting when I was around 10 with a 22 target rifle with peep sights.

I have no problem with big scopes and long shooting but it is not for me. Does anyone know the size of the squares?

Originally Posted by Purist. Originally Posted by ma Gents; Here are a few links to assist Originally Posted by Trent Don’t think I’ve seen you post in quite a while!

Originally Posted by nvshooter. If you don’t get them this year come back next season. Last edited by ma; at Originally Posted by Trent12 Hello! I have a buddy who leanred on sero automatic and I feel bad for every straight drive car he gets in now. When you relax and allow your eye to naturally find the center of the aperture there is no question as to wheether or not the front sight post or bead is in the center of the sight.

We get close and hit them on the run.