Download your free PDF file of the chevrolet trailblazer on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. : Chevy Chevrolet Trailblazer Owners Manual: Car Electronics . Record 6 – 17 Full text of ” Chevrolet Trailblazer Owner Manual”. See other . Rear Seats Rear Seat Operation Safely Belts Salety Belts.

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You can sol up to 19 stations. Outlet Adjustment Use ownes air autlnts located in the center and ownere the side of your instrument panel to direct ihe an Now Ventilation Nanual Ft – mild outside temperatures when little heating 01 cooing is needed, use the vent setting to direct outside air through your vehicle Your vahtcie’s ventilation system supplies outside air to the ownwrs of your vehicle when it is moving.

Don’t leave your vehicle when the engine is running unless 2003 have to. They could operate the power windows or other controls or even make the vehicle move.

Press this Knob to turn the sysiem on and off. You must return to the dealership for service. Check your owners manual for the fuse diagram. CDs may be loaoed with the iadio and ignition off it this button is pressed tirsi Compact Disc Messages If Ihe disc comes out, it could be tor one of the traulblazer owing reasons: In a crash the child mighl slide under the bell.

ECOM is displayed to reset the average fuel economy, Average luef economy will then bo calculated starling from thai pom I II the average luel economy is not rate l ii will Po continually updated each time you drive. Stop Ihe vehicle as soon as safely possible and do not operate it until the cause of tee iow oil pressure has been corrected. An On Si nr”’ subscription plan is included in the price of your vehicle You can easily upgrade or extend your QnSlar’ services to meet youi personal needs.


Pressing she select button will acknowledge this message arid clear trai,blazer From the DlC display. Press and hold the minute button until Ihe correct minule appears on the display The rime may be sot with the ignition on or off. Ihe lever without pushing rearward on the sealback and the seatback wall move forward. Press and hold one of Che arrows for more than two seconds The radio will produce one beep. This node directs about naif of he air lo: Press Ibts button la choose between bass, midrange and liable equalization settings designed tor country, jazz, talk, pop.

Manul the engine with the climate control system off could allow dangerous exhaust into your vehicle. Customers also shopped for.

Turn ihe knob to this symbol to turn on all the lamps listed as well as Ihe headlamps. Pro the lockout switch trxilblazer to return to normal operation Sun Visors I u block out glare, you can pull Ihe visor down You can also slide the visor from side-to-side to cover Ihe driver or passenger tront window.

Chevrolet Trailblazer Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

These mean there is something that could hurt you Of other people. The volume level should always sound ihe same to you as you drive. In different directions to be sure it is secure.

View all Fixya Reports. Turn the band to choose ihe delay time. I he volume level should always sound the same to you as you drive. Simply press the trip odometer button. When the radio finds a station that broadcasts, traffic announcement, il will slop.

To slop recall movement ot Ihe memory feature ar any lime press one Of the power seal controls or memory buttons.

Chevrolet 2003 Trailblazer Owners Manual Owner’s

One system, the Ihrse-poim harness, has straps that come down over each cf the infant’s shoulders and buckle together at the crotch. Additional windshield breakage may also occur from Ihe right front passenger air baa. A new grojp of words wil appear on the display with each press.

Exactly what I was looking for. Make sure the roiease button is positioned so you would ho able to unbuckle the safety bell quicWy it you ever had lo. That could cause serious or fatal injuries. During this time your new brake linings aren’t yet broken jn. To purchase a service manual, see Servtce Publications Ordering information on page Sea Gasoline Octane on page When the radio Imps a station that brnaatasls traffic announcements it will stop TRAF will appear on the display Wnen a traffic announcement cornea on the station I hat was found you will hear it.


Your vehicle has a feature that will automatically unlock rhn doors anti turn the mien or lamps on when I he air bags inflate it battery power is available.

Please examine OUR photographs for items that are included in this shipment and for overall condition. Push this Knob with the ignition off to display Ihe time To change the default on the display, push the knob until yuu see the display you 203, then hold Ihe Knob for two seconds.

The display wtl change to show you Ihe selected air delivery mode and Ihe driver’s temperature selling for live Seconds. Make sure ihe release button on too bucKle is positioned so you would be able to unbuckle I ho safety bell quickly 1? Always lock your vehicle whenever you leave it.

With the side windows closed, ai; will flow into the front air Inlet grilles, through the vehicle and oul Iho air exhaust vaivos. Push and pull Ihe child restraint in different directions to be sure- it is secure.

Vou gel more lime to stop. Young children should not use the vehicle’s adutt safety bells alone, unless there is no other choice. All doors lock when the vehicle speed is greater lhan 6 mph 13 Hm-‘h Manua 3: