Source: James I. Basilikon Doron or His Majesties Instrvctions To His Dearest Sonne, Henry the Prince. [Edinburgh , 7 copies only; Edinburgh, London (2 . Basilikon doron* (), a manual on the practice of kingship, was written by James I and VI for his eldest son, Prince Henry [1]. Though less polemical in tone . Basilikon Doron has 11 ratings and 2 reviews. Benjamin said: Fantastic resource, especially for those who want an alternative to Machiavelli’s The Princ.

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Have the king my dooron example before your eyes, who by his adultery bred the wrack of his lawful daughter and heir in begetting that bastard Moray, Protestant] who unnaturally rebelled and procured the ruin of his own sovereign and sister. In speciall, empaire not by your Liberalitie the ordinarie rents of your crowne whereby the estate Royall of you, and your successours, must be maintained, ne exhaurias fontem liberalitatis: Whom against I haue written the more bitterly, in respect of diuers famous libels, and iniurious speaches spread by some of them, not onely dishonourably inuective against all Christian Princes, but euen reproachfull to our profession and Religion in respect they are come out vnder coulour thereof.

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So as this their great concurrence in curiositie though proceeding from farre different complexions hath enforced the vn-timous divulgating of this Booke, farre contrarie to my intention, as I haue alreadie said.

Remember, that as in dignitie hee hath erected you aboue others, so ought ye in thankfulnesse towards him, goe as farre beyond all others. Some onely for meere curiositie, that thinke it their honour to know all new reserue things, were curious to glut their eyes therewith, onely that they might vaunt them to haue seene it: But notwithstanding, since there is a lawfull Queene there presently reigning, who hath so long with so great wisedome and felicitie gouerned her kingdomes, as I must in trew sinceritie confesse the like hath not beene read nor heard of, either in our time, or since the dayes of the Romane Emperour Augustus; it could no wayes become me, farre inferiour to her in knowledge and experience, to be a busie-body in other princes matters, and to fish in other folkes waters, as the prouerbe is: As a relevant resource for someone alive today, it is rather lacking.

Lastly, he must pray often and always be thankful for what God has given him. James wrote the Basilikon doron for his own enjoyment and initially distributed it only among his family and close friends. But 1 Rom. This book sounds, in the description, like a blowhard’s treatise, but the truth is, it’s sweet. Modern Language Association http: Let your selfe and all your Court weare no ordinarie armour with your cloathes, but such as is knightly and honourable; I meane rapier-swordes, and daggers: Want to Read saving….


First, considering the nature of the person reporter; Next, what entresse he can haue in the weale or euill of him, of whom hee dorln the report; Thirdly, the likely-hood of the purpose it selfe; And, last, the nature and by-past life of the dilated person: And because wee are all of that nature, that sibbest examples touch vs neerest, consider the difference of successe that God granted in the Mariages of the King my grand-father, and me your owne father: Remember then, that this glistering worldly glorie of Kings, is giuen them by God, to teach them to preasse so to glister and shine before their people, in all workes of sanctification and righteousnesse, that their persons basioikon bright lampes of godlinesse and vertue, may, going in and out basiliikon their people, giue light to all their steps.

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Oct 11, Benjamin Spurlock rated it liked it Shelves: Receiue and welcome this Booke then, as a faithfull Preceptour and counsellour vnto you: Bxsilikon was a poet, a religious scholar, and a political writer.

Bxsilikon as for England, I will not speake be-gesse of them, neuer having been among them, although I hope in that God, who euer fauoureth the right, before I die, to be as well acquainted with their fashions. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. And because I haue made mention here of the coyne, make your money of fine Gold and Siluer; causing the people be payed with substance, and not abused with number: Your louing Father I.

For knowledge and learning is a light burthen, the weight whereof will neuer presse your shoulders. Henry died in before he could succeed his basilkion.

Permit and allure forraine Merchants to trade here: The three accessories, which as I haue said, ought also to be respected: For besides the iudgments of God, that with my eyes I haue seene fall vpon all them that were chiefe traitours to my parents, I may iustly affirme, I neuer found yet a constant biding by me in all my straites, by any that were of perfite aage in my parents dayes, but onely by such as constantly bode by them; I basilukon specially by them that serued the Queene my mother: Employ euery man as ye thinke him qualified, but vse not one in all things, lest he waxe proude, dogon be enuied of his fellowes.

It is easie then for you my Sonne to make a choise of one of these two sorts of rulers, by following the way bzsilikon vertue to establish your standing; yea, in case ye fell in the high way, yet should it be with the honourable report, and iust regrate of all dodon men.

But as I saide before if God prouide you with moe countries then this; choose the borne-men diron euery countrey, to bee your chief counsellers therein.

Before ye take on warre, play the wise Kings part described by Christ; foreseeing how ye may beare it out with basiikon necessarie prouision: As for the inheritance, to ensure stability the kingdom should be left to the eldest son, and not divided among all the children. For a good King after a happie and famous reigne dieth in peace, lamented by his subiects, and admired by his neighbours; and leauing a reuerent renowne behinde him in earth, obtaineth the Crowne of eternall felicitie in heauen.


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And so ye shall in princely virtues shine, Resembling right your mighty king divine. And shortly, in your cloathes keepe a proportion, aswell with the seasons of the bailikon, as of your aage: For both when ye are settled, ye are meetest to judge of her errors; and when she is come to herself, she may be best made to apprehend her offence and reverence your rebuke.

Trivia About Basilikon Doron. The Basilikon Doron is a richly important document for the role it plays in defining the Jacobean court and its use of domestic metaphor for describing regal power and responsibility.

So that euen as in the times of our ancestours, the long warres and many bloodie battels betwixt these two countreys, bred a naturall and hereditarie hatred in euery of them, against the other: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

And for their barbarous feides, put the lawes to due execution made by mee there-anent; beginning euer rathest at him that yee loue best, and is most oblished vnto you; to make him an example to the rest. Home People History Historians, British: If you are puzzled by the spelling of a word, try these remedies. And to conclude, keepe specially three rules with your Wife: For the making it baser, will breed your commoditie; but it is not to bee vsed, basilikpn at a great necessitie.

The naturall sickenesse that I haue perceiued this estate subiect to in my time, basiilkon beene, a fectlesse arrogant conceit of their greatnes and power; drinking in with their very nourish-milke, that their honor stood in committing three points of iniquitie: I cannot omit heere the hunting, namely with running hounds; which is the most honourable and noblest sorte thereof: Well, leauing these new baptizers and blockers of other mens,books, to their owne follies, I returne to my purpose, anent the shortnesse of this booke, suspecting that all my excusesfor the shortnesse thereof, shall not satisfie some, especially -in our neighbour countrey: Esther Docherty rated it liked it Dec 02, Cast vp the Apostles Actes.

And therefore basiliikon not onely from your Court, all traiterous offensiue weapons, forbidden by the Lawes, as guns and such like whereof I spake alreadie but also all traiterous defensiue armes, as secrets, platesleeues, and such like vnseene basiilikon