Catálogo SP. Aplicaciones para ruedas de camiones y transporte pesado: Incluye especificaciones y intercambios. Rodamientos y. Sellos SKF. From one simple but inspired solution to a misalignment problem in a textile mill in. Sweden, and fifteen employees in , SKF has grown to become a global. Heavy Duty Pillow Block Maintenance Handbook Catalogue No. CDN SKF Canada Limited AN ISO REGISTERED COMPANY Proud recipient of The.

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Lindsay Scarborough, Ontario Burnaby, B.

The simplest way to mount the cords is to use a screwdriver chumacras while rotating the shaft by hand. The second labyrinth seal is placed on the shaft following instruction as described above under 2 except reverse sequence.

Dispense rate setting is a simple part of the installation process.


At low and medium speeds, grease usually permits a simpler method of obtaining reliable and durable lubrication. The standard sealing arrangement is the triple ring seal. The maximum permissible misalignment of the shaft is approximately 1. It should be noted however that, relubrication intervals may vary significantly slf n where apparently similar greases are used. Mount lockwasher with inner prong located in the key slot provided in the shaft and tabs on washer O. The bearing is mounted on the shaft directly or on an adapter and filled with chumacefas.

The second V-ring and sealing washer are placed on the shaft.

The housing cap is fitted and the cap bolts tightened to the recommended torque, see table on Pages 26 through The seals in the housing cap are held in position while the cap is fitted cztalogo the housing base. However, the quantity used also depends on additional functions required of the lubricant, i. The cap of split housings and the cover of one-piece housing can usua lly be taken off to expose the bearing.


One labyrinth seal is placed on the shaft.

SSNHD Standard SAF pillow blocks are made of cast iron with either self-aligning double row ball bearings for normal loads or self-aligning spherical roller bearings for heavy loads.

For Bearings which, when taken from their original package, havelarger bearings, hydraulic mounting nuts are recommended a relatively thick greasy layer of preservative, have been hot to obtain required internal clearance reduction. Never roll the rollers over the feelers as the wrong is to be placed in the position requiring the least tightening to value will be obtained. Drive up procedure An exception is if the bearing is to be grease lubricated and could damage it.

Hand tighten the nut with the spanner wrench until the adapter sleeve can neither be moved axially, nor rotated on the shaft. The machine can then be correctly positioned according to the calculated live va lues provided on the display.

The locknut will be damaged and chips can enter the bearing. The halves of the seals are inserted in the housing grooves and the spaces between the lips of the seals are filled with grease.

Catalogo Chumaceras Skf

Then oil should be used. This ensures an accurate clearance measurement, avoids the mess in trying to handle a greasy bearing, and decreases the possibility of additional contamination being introduced into the bearing.

Double-lip seals are designated TSN followed by the housing number and suffix Cataloog, ie. One V-ring and one sheet metal washer are placed on the shaft. At the initial startup, with shaft rotating, lubricate seals through grease fitting until a bead of grease appears around the periphery of the flingers.


A very small movement of the nut will usually align these. Tighten the set screws. Safety pin minimises any injury to the user and prevents damage to puller arms, rings and spindle Self-locking: It may be necessary to further tighten the nut to engage a washer tab with a slot in the nut, enabling the tab to be bent down into the slot in the nut. SKF has a set of lock nut spanners which are clearly marked with sfk correct tightening gauge.

Use same grease as for lubrication of bearing. The halves of the alloy ring with felt seals are mounted on the O-section cords in the grooves of skg housing base. To recognize N-design, the block has 4 hex. The outer surfaces of the sealing washers are smeared with s,f. SKF Bearing heaters are powerful, safe and have excellent long-term reliability.


Pillow block housings of series SNL 5 and SNL 6 are available with split felt seals consisting of oiled felt incorporated in halves of a light alloy ring, the seal halves are fitted into the housing grooves, the O-section cords provide an effective seal between the housing hub bore and the outside diameter of the seal inserts.

Then reposition the spanner and tighten a few more degrees by rapping on the spanner with a hammer. Blocks If the bearing is to be held cataogofixing rings are inserted between the side faces of the outer ring and the housing shoulders. Alternative sealing arrangements such as taconite or contact seals are available.

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