The Passion Paradox; What to do When One Person Loves More Than the Other [Cassandra Phillips Dr Dean C Delis] on *FREE* shipping on. The passion paradox: patterns of love and power in intimate relationships. Front Cover. Dean C. Delis, Cassandra Phillips. Bantam Books, Jul 1, – Family. Buy a cheap copy of The Passion Paradox: Patterns of Love book by Dean C. Delis. Who Gets Caught in the Passion Trap?It’s the catch or romantic.

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The concept of unbalanced love described in the book is extremely simple yet many people need to accept it passoin rethink the way they treat the ones loved.

Polina rated it really liked it Aug 05, Taking action means trying as hard as you can to correct the harmful patterns in your relationship.

Darya Maslova rated it liked it Jun 21, Austin Lewis rated it liked it Sep 06, You can harness your anger by telling yourself: Al rated it liked it Nov 22, This scripture should be read again and again until the inner workings of these dynamics set in like the alphabet. You learn the characteristics and causes that create one-ups and one-downs in relationships. Cat Tu rated it liked it Dec 24, An insightful book into the dynamics of relationships.


Michael Yu rated it liked it Nov 25, And if you happen to be feeling very loving, by all means express that love. At the dslis time, remember that the forces of the one-up position cause you to magnify the bad and overlook the good in your partner. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

The Passion Paradox: Patterns of Love and Power in Intimate Relationships

As your anger starts to build, make what Bay Area xelis and author Dan Wile calls an Overview Statement about your hurtful impulses. The goal is to make every effort Blue highlight Page: Create Healthy Distance Yellow highlight Page: Sometimes that may indeed mean reading a book around your partner, or doing work.

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The Passion Paradox: Patterns of Love and Power in Intimate Relationships by Dean C. Delis

Natalia rated it really liked it Oct 22, Patterns of Love and Power in Intimate Relationships. Doireann rated it liked it Oct 25, The difficulties take the form of increasing desire and desperation in the “one-down” lover and dissatisfaction, often mingled with guilt and withdrawal, in the “one-up”. Chick lit written in the first person.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The dynamics in any relationship can be constantly changing, and psssion able to see what’s thf from an paaradox and prepared stance is game-changing.

This makes the esoteric and chaotic chasm of ;aradox a little more easier, perhaps leading to “sans soul-crushing heartache” every 5 steps. Harness Your Anger Yellow highlight Page: Am I on a track to achieve them? Oleg Rogovenko rated it liked it Jul 02, May 15, bee are eye eh n rated it it was amazing. Be Patient Blue highlight Page: Topics like practicality, ambivalence, and unbalanced control are covered.


Trivia About The Passion Parad Using No-Fault Communication, she would express the importance of closeness for her—a non-Echoing step because she would be revealing her true self at the risk of rejection. Dispute this motto by repeating to yourself: Books by Dean C. Such an imbalance might leave the relationship An insightful book into the dynamics of relationships.

Be especially sensitive to distortions if your relationship was balanced, then slipped during a situational change.

Annie Oortman rated it liked it Jan 04, Relationship is non-stopping rollercoaster- you can cc from one extreme to another, you can balance. One feels less alone in the throws of romantic pain, and the path of heartbreak is a well-trodden one. In a sense, your emotional risk makes you the one-down and your partner the one in temporary control.