Historico debate;La existencia de Dios Russell VS Copleston:ESPAÑOL en 2D. Sobre la santificacion de la memoria. Find this Pin and more on La Fe. Materia y racionalidad: sobre la existencia de la Idea de Pérez Bertrand Russell y F. C. Copleston: “Debate sobre la existencia de Dios”. Existencia e identidad: especificación frente a descripción de un dominio.A. Arrieta Bertrand Russell y F. C. Copleston: “Debate sobre la existencia de Dios “.

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He admits the experience is something inexpressible, the object is an object of love, and therefore, not an object that causes horror and disgust. Why do we intellectually condemn the color-blind man? You know, as well as I do, that the existence of neither of us can be explained without reference to something or somebody outside us, our parents, for example.

Undoubtedly the scientist assumes that this sort of thing is likely to be found and will often be found. You see, I feel that some things are good and that other things are bad. That seems to me to be impossible, and it raises, of course, the question what one means by existence, and as to this, I think a subject named can never be significantly said to exist but only a subject described. You’ll admit there’s a distinction here? We only know there is such a being.

William Henderson – – Dianoia 26 The physicist presupposes, at least tacitly, that there is some sense in investigating nature and looking for the causes of events, just as the detective presupposes that there is some sense in looking for the cause of a murder.

That is by no means always the case. The vast majority I think has some consciousness of an obligation in the moral sphere. But I do not think that people have claimed to have experienced Satan in the precise way in which mystics claim to have experienced God. Bertrand Russell y F. By religious experience I don’t mean simply feeling good. Yes, that’s my position. What is my justification for distinguishing between blue and yellow?


I see no reason to suppose that one could condition all men as one can “condition” an animal, and I don’t suppose exjstencia really want to do so even if one could. I mean a loving, but unclear, awareness of some object which irresistibly seems to the experiencer as something transcending the self, something transcending all the normal objects of experience, something which cannot be pictured or conceptualized, but of exisgencia reality of which doubt is impossible — at least during the experience.

Practically speaking — yes. Would you agree that if there is no God — no absolute Being — there can be no absolute values? The infinity of the series of contingent beings, even if proved, would be irrelevant.

If you had admitted this, we could then have discussed whether that being is personal, good, and so on. He does not assume that everything has a cause. Why something rather than nothing, that is the question? No, it doesn’t, then surely you can’t say it doesn’t exist unless you have a conception of what existence is. Well, we can press the point a little, I think.

It seems to me entirely Well, I wonder now whether that isn’t simply a temporary inference. He does not assume that it will be coplesotn, and that’s a very important matter in modem physics.

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Debate Sobre La Existencia De Dios by Bertrand Russell (2 star ratings)

Debtae, I cpoleston he does assume or is bound to assume it tacitly in practice. It’s my opinion that the perception of values and the consciousness of moral law and obligation are best explained through the hypothesis of a transcendent ground of value and of an author of the moral law. I mean, would you say that the non-existence of God can be proved?

Take, say, such a word as “the” or “than. What I’m contending is that we don’t know that there is. It helps to explain dioa in the perception of particular moral values, which otherwise are inexplicable.


Bertrand Russell y F. Therefore, the series has not a phenomenal cause but a transcendent cause. When Sartre, for example, says the world is gratuitous, I think that he has not sufficiently considered what is implied by “gratuitous. No, but I think that the good effect would attest your veracity in describing your experience.

No more than there is for the color-blind person existnecia in exactly the same state. I’m speaking strictly of mystical experience proper, and I certainly don’t include, by the way, what are called visions.

Reflexiones sobre la existencia de Dios

I could only admit a Necessary Being if there were a being whose existence it is self-contradictory to deny. That’s what I mean by a contingent being. The same is true when the physicists look for causes.

If it is, well and good. Then, if you’re prepared to say that, then I think you must have some criterion of feeling, at any rate. That’s what we can do with ourselves and nothing more. I can only take what is recorded as I should take other records and I do find that a very great many things are reported, and I am sure you would not accept things about demons and devils and what not — and they’re reported in exactly the same tone of voice and with exactly the same conviction.

This article has no associated abstract. That seems to me to be a very good plan. That appears to you as undesirable and evil and to exsitencia too. This article has no associated abstract.

But the law-giver has always been, it seems to me, one’s parents or someone like. Well, certainly the existencla “Does the cause of the world exist? But are you going to say that we can’t, or we shouldn’t even raise the question of the existence of the whole of this sorry scheme of things — of the whole universe?

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