A Case of Exploding Mangoes has ratings and reviews. Tea said: Fantastic novel for those who like to read Vikas Swarup, or Mohsin Hamid, or Ara. . A Case of Exploding Mangoes [Mohammed Hanif] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Washington Post, Rocky Mountain News, Boston . A Washington Post, Rocky Mountain News, Boston Globe Best Book of the Year Intrigue and subterfuge combine with bad luck and good in this darkly comic.

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I also liked how it explores the ‘just because’, implied way of thinking of state officials in a sharia-governed country.

Interview with a mixed-faith couple Experiences in a Christian-Muslim marriage. The political, societal and religious themes very much interest me. In the footsteps of Jesus Jesus, born a Jew, spent his days in the region now known as Israel. Anyone thinking of applying for the job of unhinged, religious dictator should read it first. Want to Read saving…. Along the way, there’s plenty of humour and slapstick.

Jun 04, Windy2go rated it it was ok. I am not a great lover of satirical novels – to be quite honest I often don’t get them! How much of the story of Zia Ul Haq’s plane crash was real?

And when the ex;loding pages of Rilke’s poems are discovered in the absconding Baby O’s mattress, this is put down as another black mark in the missing Pilot Officer’s book. Sorayya found it amazing and liberating that Hanif could write this book as a mangeos.

Di sini ada dua watak utama – satu watak benar yang difiksyenkan, iaitu Jeneral Zia-ul-Haq dan satu lagi, watak fiksyen yang dibenarkan, iaitu Ali Shigri – dan dua-dua watak ini mempunyai sisi gelap tersendiri – sisi gelap yang cuba diputihkan atau sisi gelap yang cuba disembunyikan.


Throughout the book, Zia remains convinced he is guided by Allah and feels he is receiving ominous messages straight out of the Quran predicting his demise.

Mohammed Hanif’s “A Case of Exploding Mangoes”: A Tangled Tale –

Mohammed Hanif is a brave, gifted writer. It is also a political explodong on Pakistan’s crazy political figures. To look at those days past from the eyes of Ali Shigri, the protagonist, is like looking at a cell from a microscope and realizing how much we were actually missing out on.

The death of the dictator of Pakistan General Zia alongside all his high-ranked officers plus the US embassador has intrigued people since the day it happened. But in the end, I didn’t like it.

A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammed Hanif

As do those of us who study the events around the occupation of Afghanistan. But Baby O concocts a new plot to kill the General by crashing a plane kamikaze-style down on top of him. Hard to top that. In the end, what we get is a story about a few bad men rather than a far-reaching and complicated political alliance whose global legacy shapes our lives. Enlisting a rag-tag group of conspirators, including his cologne-bathed roommate, a hash-smoking American lieutenant, and a mango-besotted crow, Ali sets his elaborate plan in motion.

Looking for More Great Reads? Set during the time of the Soviet-Afghan conflict, there’s even a visit from a shady character who goes by the initials of OBL, the head of Laden Construction Company during the course of a somewhat garish barbeque party given by the Americans for a fourth of July.

Jun 27, Justin Podur rated it it was amazing Shelves: The action shifts from the pious President and his public relations pony show, to the young soldier, to U. The early interrogation of the protagonist by his superior officer, where he says “I have seen some buggery in my time In fact, I don’t really know what to think. Ali’s target is none othe Intrigue and subterfuge combine with bad luck and good in this darkly comic debut about love, betrayal, tyranny, family, and a conspiracy trying its damnedest to happen.


If you like military mysteries or historical fiction, read it.

A Case of Exploding Mangoes

So after all that, I can’t recommend it. It is as a serious novel of Pakistan’s difficult recent history that Mangoes doesn’t take wing, despite its ambitions. But the book soldiers on with a narrative rich with details, and a constant undertone of irreverent humour which never lets up reminiscent of Catch, only a lot less mad.

For more reviews visit http: This country is khaki Turning my loneliness into solitue You exloding freedom and they give you chicken korma Be it the land or the rivers, it’s all under our wings Soldier just soldier on This explodinv was recommended to me by so many people that I just had to get my hands on it. Wondering why there’s no fatwa issued against Hanif for this one.

Ali knows his father did not commit suicide and he is determined to settle the score with President Zia. Not without reason it has been nominated for so many prizes. I read it to get cultural insights Harif’s work will get top billing.