Manda Collins. How to Romance a Rake. You can lead a wallflower to the ball, but you can’t make her bloom—unless one daring young. How to Romance a Rake by Manda Collins, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Manda CollinsHow to Romance a RakeYou can lead a wallflower to the ball, but you can’t make her bloom—unless one daring young bachelor turns up the.

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How to Romance a Rake by Manda Collins

The author does a good job rke evolving their emotional connect along with the physical. I loved the twists and turns and the unexpected mysteries that sprang up.

Each of the main characters had one parent who was simply beastly to them. Manda Collins knows how to bring a story line along with her romance. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions It wasn’t a bad book and I would definitely read Manda Collins again, but I wish I hadn’t bought the book, since it definitely won’t be a reread for me.

Thanks to her mother the extent of her disability became common knowledge and society didn’t react well. He’s just the sweetest, kindest, man. Juliet Shelby was one tough cookie. I really didn’t think Alec was much of a rakish character compared to some other historical romances. Not only was it sad that Annie ended up betraying a caring Juliet,the entire scenario mnada silly and unbelievable and came mannda out of left field.

Sure, it’s a romance and all that but it delves into some pretty ugly family stuff and An unkind debutante has nicknamed our heroines the Ugly Ducklings.

Although the title of the book How to Romance a Rake is deceiving as I thought Alec was in no way rakeish at manea, he was a gentleman and a very sweet, gallant one and I did like him. She has been through a trauma that would have broken many others and rame only isn’t bitter but has a terrific sense of humor and an intelligence that is truly unusual.


You can find this review and more at Forever Book Lover.

Could she be expecting someone else? I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong as to the nature of the villain and I thought the entire situation played out nicely.

I won’t give away any spoilers other than to say it gives the reader a peek into the inner workings of Maddie’s mind, something that has Alec pondering how useful she would have been to Wellington during the war, and has me anticipating her book even more. I loved the way that this really showed how much they had come to care for each other, even though they had yet to admit it.

But Juliet proves to Alec that despite what he xollins think, the sins of his father do not rest at his feet. The scene where they consummate their marriage is both intimate and sensual but laced with lovely touches of humour. So imagine her surprise when Deveril gallantly comes to her defense—and offers to teach her to dance! Juliet is compassionate with a caring heart and Alec has striven to hhow his reputation which was sullied by his father’s notorious drinking and whoring.

She integrated new characters in with ones from the first book flawlessly and used them to really build upon the story. They start out getting along, already crushing on each other. Imagine my surprise when I start reading to find out that it’s quite different from other books of the same trope.


Also some parts were a bit boring. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Juliet’s music teacher is the t way of bringing these two together. From the beginning he looked out for Juliet and was concerned for her welfare. Sure, he’s cleaned up the tarnished name of Deveril, but what his father was and what he did still loom over Alec as an adult.

Manda Collins Tells Us…How to Romance a Rake – Theresa Romain, Historical Romance Author

Juliet is not like Cecily. Turner, Juliet’s beloved music teacher, a woman who, over the years, has been more a mother to her than her own mother goes missing, it’s Alec who offers his help in the search. I kept my romance writing a secret for a while there.

It tested my patien I first started this book on February 6, It might not be the most epic w story but it is sweet and wonderful and the outside threats are the conflicts.

How to Romance a Rake

Martin’s Paperbacks first published January 1st mandaa May 21, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it really liked it. The sky was dark with clouds, and the only illumination to the area was from the kitchens.

To his surprise, she made as if to push him away.

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